Where to go?

Thee life shall not go

Like this. For I go

Through in tedious times

Thinking of mankinds.

Why souls shall be killed

Why can’t be one piece?

For we are similar in

Many parts and pieces.

Stay calm..

Life soon will know who

We are?

Life soon will know why

We were we created?

To that time, we shall never

Stop looking for truth.

Looking for facts and

For who we are


Why we are here??

Cannot see?

Some people have eyes but they can’t see. They cant see who they are? where are they going ? They only thing they  can see is that their life is a possession of them, and they spend it playing, hanging on and doing whatever they want, forgetting that they did not create their soul and that Allah is the one who creates it for them. He is the one who gives them a chance to live. He is the one who should be respected.

I still cannot understand why people cannot see.

I strongly feel that those who are capable to spend time alone with themselves, questioning who they are and what they want from this life.do they want a happy ending or a tragic ending?2013-09-03 17.16.44 may find the truth and will be able to see.


For us, rain is a gift. Rain is a sign of life.

But this weekend some people passed away because of rain.

The last three rainy days were unexpected. It was raining cats and dogs.

Many people went to see Wadis. Men, women and children of course, but not all of them returned back safely to their homes. A mother with her three young daughters were taken by the angry wadi and found dead at midnight. the girls were covered with rocks and the wadi’s rubbish. Painful scene. It was a sad holiday that about ten people in my hometown passed away only in two days because of wadis.

I hope people in Oman will be more cautious when rain comes again.

May Allah protect us and help those who lost dears to them.

I strongly know.

The sun shines bright. The loving birds fly striving their food. The blue pure sky reflects the reality of the world. It also reflects who we are and where we are going. The hidden stars in the sky.

Looking at how this universe is controlled makes believe that there is a controller of it. The one who creates it perfectly and ideally.

No- where I can hide

He (Allah) sees me, hears and knows

What inside me.

Look around you! What can you see? Who creates them?

If a country have tow presidents, I guess you know they will end up in fighting wanting the land for themselves. AND this prove to us that this universe is lead and controlled by One God (Allah).

Thank you Allah for showing me the right path.


Looking everywhere


I looked there, I looked here.

I even looked inside the biscuit jar;

I’ve lost my glasses. I’m in need.

I want them to read.

Is it under the bed?

Is it on the mud?

Or is it standing like a queen?

On my head so keen,

To see if I still remember her,

And how much do I care?