Hello there! How are you? Today, I have an interesting topic to talk about which is  my town: AL-Hamra . It is in Al-Dakelah Governor and It located in north-west from Al-Jabel Al-Aakder ;  moreover, Ibri is its neighbor from the west , Nizwa from the east , Al-Rstaq from the north and Bahla from the south. The population of Al-Hamra is about 15,390 people who live in 25 villages. The famous villages in Al-Hamra are: Misfat Al-Abriyeen and Al-Qla.

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In my town, Misfat Al-Abriyeen is famous for having beautiful places and different types of trees like: mango, lemon, banana and various types of date palms. Besides that Al-Hamra has the highest mountain in the Saltanet of Oman which is Jabel Shmes and they called it by this name because it is the first part of Oman that receives the sun light. Also, we have beautiful ancient places like: the Rock of Salt  which has some old drawing and writing , that shows how far it belongs and Rogan Fort in Misfat AL-Abriyeen that people built for wars and for protecting themselves from the foes. The people in my town are famous for being very kind, generous, helpful and polite.

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The source of water in Al-Hamra is falajs and wells and because of that we have a lot of farms like: Al-Naker farms. The farmers in my town grow orange ,vegetable ,mango, date palms and lemon …etc


Many tourists visit Al-Hamra every year to see and to have fun in Al-Hoota Cave which is a large cave and it has train ,hotel ,small museum and restaurant.

In this wonderful town people work in different jobs like: farming, shepherding goats, making flower -water, and ropes.

I  think this is the end of our journey in AL-Hamra town . I hope that you have enjoyed reading it .

That is for today. Have a nice day.


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