AL-Hoota Cave

Welcome to my fourth post which will be about a well-known place in my town and I hope you are going to enjoy reading it. Talking about AL-Hoota Cave is such a wonderful and interesting topic for me because Al-Hoota Cave is the second giant cave in the Sultanate of Oman. It is located next to Qaryh Biny Subh in AL-Hamra town.


It was discovered by old people who lived in the village from a hundred of years and they made legend stories about it because of the strange rocks which took different shapes that existed because of the accumulation of the salt that comes during the rain. One of these legends is when the old people claimed that there is a tribe of jinn lived inside the cave so the kids were not allowed to go there. AL-Hoota Cave was opened as a tourist place in December (2006)  .


The cave is about five kilometers under the earth and there is a lake which you need special equipment to go through it.They called this cave by AL-Hoota Cave according to the village which has AL-Hoota name.

The most interesting thing in AL-Hoota Cave is the train which took you through the cave in a journey for about forty minutes. The cave is a place where many people went there to enjoy and to have fun in the cave because there is a restaurant, where they can eat at any meal, museum, where old and ancient things are exhibited there, and hotel, where they can sleep, so tourists can easily find what they want.


The cave has a wonderful and charming lake where you can see many blind, small and brown fish where you can see their bones.

images (2)

If you have a chance to visit it, please don’t waist the time and come to see the charming place by your eyes.

That is for today. Have a nice day.

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