My Secondary School

Hi there! How are you?

Talking about my secondary school is so excited. I studied my secondary in Aysha bint Mohammed school in AL-Hamra town and it is a governmental school. This school called by this name because of the good things that Aysha did during her life starting from helping poor people, building a masjid and donating a farm that consists of dates palm for all poor people, so as a memory of her; they called this school by her name. This school was running in 1982 and it is for females. It consists of twenty classes, a library, a beautiful garden, laboratory, a small cafeteria and small place for girls to pray. The numbers of the student were 509 and 51 teachers.


I had studied ten subjects: Islamic, Arabic, Mathematic, English, history, Sciences, Art, Music, Social studies and Sport. In this time, we were started using boards where you can write in it with markers.  In this stage I had to take exams for every subject to pass. The exams were a little bit challenged because we had to memories everything.


images (1)

I felt very nervous and with responsibility because I was in high school and I need to work very hard as much as I can ;  moreover , the school was new to me even my friends changed and we had a lot of new students from different schools. In this stage, I got to know how to draw things and I was the headmistress of photography group for three years and this is one of my photos .


My favorite teacher was an English teacher and she was from Sudan because I got to know that if anyone works very hard, they will get what they wish . Just you need to  follow your dreams.

That is for today. Have a nice and wonderful time.


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