Bayit AL-Safa 
Hi everyone. Welcome to my post. Today I bring to you a wonderful and beautiful topic which is about Bayit AL-Safa in AL-Hamra town. It was built by AL-Shik Mohammed Bin Yousuf AL-Abri in (1121 H) and it was like a castle for all the leaders in AL-Hamra during the old days. It is a big house where a lot of people visit it every year in order to spend their time to enjoy and to see the nice  tradition things inside the house.

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Nowadays, this house is used as a tourist place where anyone from anywhere  can visit .The people who works in this house are mostly women and they are kind, helpful, and friendly. Also, they like talking about Omani tradition and you can notice that  when you go there, they will give you all the information about the house and will let you test and try any things you want and take photos inside the house.

In Bayit AL-Safa you will be taken to different rooms where you will see some old women doing stuff like: making bread in the Omani way, making oil from seeds , making flower- water …and all these are handmade. Moreover, you will see a room where all the old and tradition clothes are there and you have chance to take photos with the tradition Omani clothes.

Another room is for sitting and there you can drink Omani coffee and Halwa and next to it there is a room where  you will see materials and old equipment which related to the ancient days and that were used by old Omani  people.

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Finally, if you like buying souvenirs, you will find some traditional souvenirs where you can keep them as a recollection for visiting this beautiful house : Bayit AL-Safa and if you have time you can go to the falaj which is near to Bayit AL-Safa where you can enjoy your time there.
That is for today . I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Bayit AL-Safa.


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