My Primary School


Today, I have a new and wonderful topic to talk about which is my primary school: Fatma bint AL-Katab in AL-Hamra town and it is a governmental school. This school called by this name because Fatma is the sister of our Sahabi Omar bin AL-Katab and she was a strong woman, so to encourage and to motivate females to be strong; they called this school by her name. This school was running in eighties and it is only for females. It consists of about 26 classes, a library, a beautiful garden, laboratory, a small cafeteria and small place for girls to pray. The numbers of the student were 531 and 32 teachers.


I remembered that we were about 37 students in one class, so going to school was much fun because there I met my friends and I got to know many new information .When I was in grade one, we were sitting in rows and we were taught by Egyptian teachers in many different subjects like: Islamic, Arabic, Mathematics, Sciences, Art , Music, Social studies and sport.


They started teaching us English when we were in grade four and they taught us the basic things like: alphabet and how to write. I like going to school because my mother encouraged me to go since she did not have a chance to go school when she was young. I like going to school because I was meeting my friend, I like reading Holy Quran during the assembly and we were playing a lot, but sometimes I got bored from having mountains of homework every day. At first my favorite subject was Arabic but after I took English subject it became my favorite subject because one of the English teachers said for me some encouraging words that make me like the English subject.  That is why I choose to be an English teacher.


Thanks to Allah that I have a chance to go school because there are billion of people who wish to go schools but they don’t have any schools .

That is for today. Have a good time.

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