Hello …

How are you ??? TODAY I bring for something which I wrote it to my country …

I was born in Saltant of Oman 

I look up to the sky, then I turn..

I turn to see all the people’s faces vividly like the sunlight

The blood in my vein..

was pumping strongly when hearing the word Oman..

Each letter of it means something great

O: opening the hearts, full of love to the universe.

M : Meaning of the peace ….

A : A beautiful flower which grows steady like a lion ….  

N : Never give up to help others …

I am not showing off my country but who does not love his country where s/he  see the blue sky and heard the birds singing for the first time in it ..

May Our God Blesses all the countries and makes them live peacefully and happy….






4 thoughts on “MY LOVELY COUNTRY …

  1. Your country is lovely. I look forward to reading more about your home. I am an observer of the conflicts world wide. I pray and meditate for peace. I invoke love, light, peace, and unity among nations.
    Love, light, and blessings

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