Traditional Clothes In OMAN

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How are you ??? I would like to talk about traditional clothes in Saltant of Oman and I hope you get benefits from it ..

Women dress.

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Omani women like wearing colorful clothes which vary from one region to another. The main components of an Omani clothe is a dress which wear over a trouser and the headdress. Moreover, we have a lot of styles in costumes in Oman and that depends on the region . Women also like to wear JEWELERY whether they are made of gold or silver  like in this picture ..


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Men clothes



Omani men wear a simple dishdasha which has long sleeves and collarless gown and it can be in different colors like black and white…etc  Its main adornment is a tassel (furakha) sewn into the neckline, which can be impregnated with perfume. Underneath the dishdasha, a plain piece of cloth covering the body is worn from the waist down. Omani men may wear a variety of head dresses. The muzzar is a square of finely woven woollen or cotton fabric, wrapped and folded into a turban. Underneath this, the kummar, an intricately embroidered cap, is sometimes worn. The shal, a long strip of cloth acting as a holder for the khanjar (a silver, hand-crafted knife or dagger) may be made from the same material as the muzzar. Alternatively, the holder may be fashioned in the form of a belt made from leather and silver, which is called a sapta. On formal occasions, the dishdasha may be covered by a black or beige cloak, called a bisht. The embroidery edging the cloak is often in silver or gold thread and it is intricate in detail. Some men carry the assa, a stick, which can have practical uses or is simply used as an accessory during formal events. Omani men, on the whole, wear sandals on their feet. (

And men wear Khanjar mostly in occasion

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading the detailed information about the beautiful clothing worn by males and females in Oman.
    Love, light, and blessings

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