Altimneh :

Altimneh :

Here in this picture the kids are gathered to read the Holy Quran but this was in the past because we are no more study under the trees . Because we have schools for studying.


It is a special celebration which happens after a boy or a girl finishes memorizing the Holy Quran , In this celebration the whole students of the Quranic School come together and the teacher is the spearheaded of them who reads (chants) poem in preaching and guidance as in the state of Bahla . The teacher reads the poem of a religious nature and at the end of the poem all the students will say in one voice “ Amen”. And in this celebration a women which is a member from the boy/ girl`s family wears a green scarf and holds a basket that contains a gift for the teacher and this gift is given to the teacher as an appreciation for his work. Then they gave the kids candy and some traditional food like : Haris .


I hope you have understood this celebration. please, If you have any question I will be glad to answer it.

Have a nice day…

3 thoughts on “Altimneh :

  1. Hi omana,

    Do the children have to memorize the entire Holy Quran? How much time does it take for them to study and memorize the Holy Quran?

    Love, light and blessings

    • hi V,A
      No , they don’t but it is better to memorize it .. I memorize about 8 chapters and thanks to ALLAH i read it always and it is so easy …
      It took you less than a year but some kids memorize less than that …it is so easy..

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