The Green Mountain

The green mountain (AL-Jabel AL-Akader) is one of the beautiful places in Oman because this region has low temperature in winter and moderation temperature in the summer. This climate helps the farmers to grow roses. The people of this mountain made rose-water from a long time. They grow roses with some other fruits and vegetables.

So today, I will tell you about traditional handcrafts in Oman which is making rose-water. It has been gone through different steps until it settle to the new way.

At the beginning of April the farmers collect the roses till the middle of May. These roses are picked in the early morning or evening, as soon as they open.


They put the flowers on a piece of cloth or at a basket made of Palm Sunday (the hive).


Then they took the flowers to the factory. Normally the farmer has a small house made of mud and stones and locally it is known as (Al-dehjan).


They put flower up and the fair from the down.


After the all this we will have rose -water and the farmer collects it in big bottles for 40 days.


Then they put the rose-water on small bottles and they sell it to the people.


Rose- water is used painkiller for headaches and lowers the temperature and helps to get rid of colic. Also it is used as perfume and people add it to the Omani coffee and the tea.


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10 thoughts on “The Green Mountain

  1. I also enjoyed the simple but so heartfelt expression of the life of your community. The west needs to feel that truth again, to know just how to feel and not be blocked and rushing, rushing everywhere. Thank you. Namaste

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