Alone with two boys…

Alone with two boys…


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those are not my brothers (the above picture) i got it from Google

I am twenty years old and I live with my parents. Yesterday, look like a nightmare for me but thanks to Allah (God) I am still alive. My mom and my big sisters went to the hospital to visit my aunt because she has a new baby (a girl).  My mom asked me to look after my young brothers. One of them in grade 6 and the other in grade 4.

After my mom leaved the house, my brothers as usual went to play with our neighbors (this was at 4 pm) .  At 4:20 pm a strong wind came, so I ran to bring my brothers. They were not scared but I was deadly frightened. I took them to the home and I locked the house till 5:30 pm and we were watching the new as usual (wars, innocent people are killed and no-one knows the killer, fires …..) then I changed the channel to Dora Cartoon but my brother likes news more than cartoon. Then I asked my brother if he wanted to cook with me because he wanted to go outside.  We cooked the dinner and he helped me very much (thanks my lovely flower) . At 6:10 , I let him go to play and at 6:30 he came back because it is time for AL-Mgreb prayer. My mom came back to home at 8 o’clock. After all, it was a nice experience, isn’t it??


1-    Mothers are so great and glorious for all what they do.

2-    Looking after kids is a job needs much work and patient!!

3-    Younger kids are kind and noisy.

4-    You can’t separate between kids.

5-    We need a small goat…hahah

I am still alive … woo

Have a smiling day..

Take care of your children because they are the flowers of your life…..

May Allah (god) protects all the children among the world..

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