Omani halwah (dessert)

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I bring  you another traditional Omani things : making Omani dessert….


Omani halwah (dessert) is made widely and it is very important and fundamental dessert that is used in special occasions like: Eids, wedding parties…etc

The maker makes fair under a big bowel called marjal .

Components of the Omani halwah(dessert): white sugar, brown sugar, starch Omani, margarine (oil) Arab, natural rose water, cardamom, nuts, nuts, milk, saffron, eggs, water.


2 -(1)- --

First: they boiled the water and they add the white sugar and the brown sugar.


2 -(29721474)- --

Second: Eggs are added to remove impurities with continuity flipping and stir sugar.


2 -(29721473)- --

Third: After about half an hour they add Omani starch powder with continuity, stirring then the mixture will hold together.

Fourth: they add the Arab oil to give delicious flavor and add  the cardamom and nuts.

Fifth: After the completion of three hours of stirring, they add  saffron and rosewater.

2 -(29721483)- --

When the Omani dessert is ready , they put it in bowls.

2 -(29721477)- --


2 -(1)-



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