Bait Al Khabib in Castle the Nyabat of Samad Al Sha’n

Bait Al Khabib Castle which is located in the Nyabat of of Samad Al Sha’n in the Wilayat of Mudhaibi was built in the 19th century by Shaikh Said bin Khalfan al Busaidy in the reign of the Sultan Said bin Sultan (1222 to 1273 AH/1807 until 1856) in Al Khabib Village.

The castle is located on a high mountain, about 125 metres above sea level overlooking the Wadi of Samad from the west. However, the castle was rebuilt by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture as an important milestone in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi which is about 150 kilometres far from Muscat.
The castle is located in the heart of Al Khabib Village. The two-storey castle was built in a rectangular shape with two towers and two entrances. The first entrance is on the south and the second is on the east. The outside dimensions of the castle are about 28 metres to the north and south and 23 to the east and west.

Traditional material like clay and stones as well as wood for the doors and windows were used when the castle was built. Today, it looks spectacular with its new portrayed look. The castle includes some elements of amusement to attract the visitors. For instance, the big stairs lead to the roof of the towers and the upper floor as well as decorated corridors. It is supplied with tools to discharge rainwater that accumulates over the roof and floor of the castle.

The walls of the castle have some air vents which are designed to allow the air to go through so that the air becomes cool in the summer. It also has a well which served as a source of water for the residents at that time. The depth of the well is about 13 metres. The castle comprises of bathrooms, stores of weapons, courtroom and supplies, prison and a prayer room. Bait Al Khabib Castle was officially opened after the renovation on February 21, 2010.


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