Just a smile if you don’t mind.

when the moon smiles at me , I felt happy and full of joy  because no has smiles to me like it . And its smile is something special . It was glimmering and shining like a small drop of rain that has  fallen  from the sky . The life is not hard as we think  but we are the one who make it hard. love your brothers and wish them good as you do for yourself and you will see  that you are the winner . DO YOU KNOW WHY?? Because you have won over your selfishness and you gain the white and the pure soul. It is not so hard to gain such a soul , you can do it and you have to get it to live happy and pleasant.






live to smile . live to hope . 

life does not worth crying nor wiping.

Be strong and spread goodness for others.

live to give . live to optimistic.





have a nice day. wish the best .


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